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Author Bio

Serena Archer is the author of the Defenders series and spends most of her day writing.

When she's not writing, she can be found playing with the neighborhood cats or playing the piano. Visit her at

Defenders and the Water of Florence Summary

Fourteen-year-old Anaca Maywell knows better than to be searching for the Defenders. But how could she resist their promises?


The Defenders are creatures not heard of by many, but exist like all of us. Sometimes among us. They have unlocked their full potential allowing them to attain supernatural abilities. The price? Promising moral high ground. Will everyone follow? Definitely not. They pose a life of belonging, of resilience, of honor. When Anaca Maywell gets claimed for their planet, it's a dream come true. That is until she is struck with a staff causing her to see strange figures that haunt her. To stop them, she seeks the Water of Florence.


Come with Anaca and journey beyond the worlds.

Product Details:

Publisher: IngramSpark

Publishing Date: 9/7/21

Series: Defenders

Genre: upper middle-grade fantasy, science fiction

Ages: 8-12

Author: Serena Archer

Author Headshot and Water of Florence Cover

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Pictured above is author Serena Archer and  kitten, Snickerdoodles.

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