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  • How do I ask Serena Archer a question?
    There are so many ways! Usually, Serena will respond to comments on her Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you'd like to ask her a question through the contact page, follow the prompts and her assistants will show her shortly.
  • How many books will be in the Defenders series?
    So far, Serena has planned for six books and one novella. Of course, nothing is set in stone.
  • How do you pronouce *insert character's name*?
    Check out Serena's book page. Keep in mind she likes it when people come up with their own interpretations. So however you pronounce it, is perfect!
  • How were you inspired to write the Defenders series?
    For the longest time in my life, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller. I just didn't know what that meant, but I could never imagine myself as a writer because 1) I sucked at reading 2) I hated writing 3) I struggled to pass every English class I've ever taken. Most people in my class for sure thought I would do something in the medical or math field, but when I was in class, something happened where Anaca's story started coming together. Ever since, I've been developing my craft and I am now an author (I still struggle in my English classes).
  • How did you choose your character's names?
    I've read too many baby naming books than a 12 year old should read. It made me realize how many people I refused to name characters after.
  • Are there characters based off of a real person?
    There are some. Maja Wellins and Rossey Roy are based off of some of my previous teachers. Some antagonists (coming soon) are based off of people I knew, and heavily inspired the character's actions. Lastly, most of the parental figures are based off of the parental figures I've had in my life. None of the characters are based off of my family or closest friends.
  • I want you to come to my school, how can I get you here?"
    I would love to come to your school and meet you. Imagine all the bookish things we could talk about. Now about the process on getting me there, have a staff member of the school and have them contact me through my contact page on this website. From there, my assistants and managers will do a background check on the school and see if I can come. If I cannot, please don't think I didn't want to come. I want to meet you so bad!
  • Can you read my fanfiction?
    One of the things I love about being an author is that I have the opportunity to build a fanbase. People like you make all my efforts worth it. But unfortunately, I cannot read fanfiction of any of my books for legal reasons. I am so sorry.
  • When is your birthday?
    I've always felt weird about my birthday (I don't know why), maybe it's because of idenity theift *inset The Office meme*. If you need an answer for homework or an article, write or say "Serena Archer is immortal." What I can tell you is that I'm a teenager.
  • How many pets do you have?
    I don't have any pets, but my family does and I consider them mine. My parents have a calico named Roo and a tabby named Tinkerbell. My sister has two cats named Snickerdoodles and Little Pea. My best friend has a beautiful ragdoll named Evie, and there's a black cat in my neighborhood that I've named Oreo.
  • Do you have plans for other books?
    Yes, I get ideas all the time for books and am constantly working on them. If they're going to be published? I don't have an answer.
  • Do you have any hobbies besides writing?
    I'm so glab you've asked. I love to run, read, paint, ice skate, and take naps.
  • What is your family's heritage?
    That's a very complicated question because I don't really know myself. About 100 years ago, my family moved around a lot, so I am a mixture of lots of different things. I do know that most of my family is from Pakistan and a small number is from Iran and other places around the Middle East.
  • How do you deal with critisism?
    *sigh* for the longest time, I attached myself to my books. That was a very bad idea. In fact, my parents would only let me publish my books if I detached myself from the books. What does that mean? I acknoledged that yes, I put time and effort into this book and it is mine. But what people think about the book is simply their opinion and it doesn't determine my worth as a person. Overall, you have to realize that when people are reviewing a book most of the time they're taking about the book, not the author. Remember that.
  • Where do you write your books?
    Everywhere. During class, in the middle of the night, during lunch, while traveling, and while eating. The first few years of writing consumed my life. Now, I usually write in the late afternoon and stop when I've met my daily word count. It helped my mental health termendously.
  • What's a fan fact about you?
    Um, this is a hard one. A fun fact? The best answer I can think of is that when I was younger I was left handed but when I started preschool, I found it hard to use my left hand and changed my dominate hand to my right. It prevented further inconveniences. Left handed people: you are so patient. I could never do what you do! 10 points to lefties!
  • What is The Book Collective?
    The Book Collective is what I call to reference my mission to motivate and encourage reading. Reading is the building block and I want to share the magic to everyone.
Dark Ocean

Somethings to Keep in Mind

While reading the Character Index, some readers will notice that not all characters are there's more information in the books than there is online which is true. Archer decided to put basic information and not reveal all the secrets of the Defenders' universe. Some areas that are labeled as "unknown" may be revealed in the books to come.

Dark Ocean
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